If you like Mindfulness,

you are going to love KI!

Hi! ​​My name is Juuso Voltti.

I offer private sessions that allow you to calm down during difficult life situations, to get you out of your head and gently back into your body. 

I am also passionate about empowering you to do this yourself, so that you can feel more relaxed and have more freedom to live the life that you want.

Customer testimonials

"After just one session with Juuso, I was able to see clearly enough exactly what I wanted with regard to smoking tobacco, to which I had been addicted to for four years, that just six days after the session I was able to walk away from the addiction."

Martin Coburn

Drogheda, Ireland

"Every time I've worked with Juuso he's brought deep and impressive skills to every session. In addition to being an exceptional listener and having a heart of gold, intuitively Juuso knew how to help me drop long-held beliefs that kept me suffering for many years."

Sandi Gold

Rhode Island, U.S.


May 17, 2020


May 25, 2020

Juuso Voltti
Master or Arts, Sound Design 2002
BA Classical Music Composition, 2005
School for The Work of Byron Katie, Ojai 2016
Certified The Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator, 2020

About Me.

Facilitating The Kiloby Inquiries is often considered both a skill and an art form. I agree. Doing facilitations is not only a way for me to stay grounded myself, but also another way of being creative alongside my work as a sound designer and composer.

I originally used The Kiloby Inquiries for a nondescript anxiety I was having. My anxiety was so abstract it was very difficult to work with using any other modality. After a few private sessions, I joined the facilitator training to learn how to do this on my own.

During the training my anxiety gradually dissolved. As it did, I started to notice that I also wanted to share this experience with others and enjoyed connecting with clients in this way. So here I am, looking forward to meeting you and showing what these simple tools can do for you!

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