How to Learn Self-Compassion?

Many people recognize the benefits of self-compassion, but find it difficult to learn. Trying to learn self-compassion by reading books or doing self-compassion exercises can be especially frustrating.

Luckily, there is an easier way. To explore this, let's start from the beginning.

If you have learned at a very young age to be hard on yourself, as most of us have, how can you cultivate a more compassionate attitude as an adult? Where can you even start the process of learning self-compassion?

Developing self-compassion by simply deciding to be more compassionate is virtually impossible. This is not how our minds work.

It is usually much more beneficial to approach self-compassion from the opposite point of view. Instead of trying to cultivate self-compassion, we can explore how and why we are being hard on ourselves in the present moment. With this approach, developing self-compassion becomes easy and leads to long-lasting practical changes. Often this more compassionate way of being becomes a new habit and we don't need to "do" or "practice" it in any way.

My approach to teaching self-compassion is based on this simple process. It is called Effortless Self-Compassion™.

If you wish to develop self-compassion yourself, you don't necessarily need to know anything more about the topic. You can simply go ahead and schedule a private session here. During a private session, I will explain everything you need to know and you will get a chance to experience self-compassion for yourself.

Why private sessions?

In addition to theoretical understanding, we also need a chance to actually experience self-compassion. This can only happen when we interact with another person. 

Usually, we have learned our self-critical tendencies in our early relationships. Most of us have learned this way of reacting from our parents when we were growing up. In order to unlearn this reaction, we need a safe environment to explore our own self-compassion. This is why I offer private sessions instead of simply giving theoretical exercises.

The private sessions are designed to give you both the theoretical understanding and the necessary human interaction. This makes learning self-compassion straightforward, comfortable, and quick.

Your next steps in learning self-compassion

Start by reading my short guide: "Three Steps to Effortless Self-Compassion™".

This gives you an overview of the process and explains what needs to happen in order for you to actually become more self-compassionate. By understanding the process, you can stop wasting time with approaches that can never truly work and focus on the ones that do.

Download the guide by filling in the form below and you can access it right away.

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Three Steps to Effortless

Download your FREE
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This quick read can save you a lot of time and frustration.

P.S. Of course, if you are feeling adventurous, you can simply go ahead and book a private session for yourself. That is by far the fastest way to learn.

Effortless Self-Compassion™