Testimonials in English

"Juuso Voltti surprised me in his deep warmth and high skill level. I’ve received several sessions from him, and each time he is very thorough and patient in the process of listening and asking the right questions at the right time. I’m a very sensitive empathic type, so I’m keenly aware when someone is not present with me, Juuso really stayed present throughout the whole session until it naturally came to it’s own completion. His warmth, thoroughness, and skill brought all our sessions to places of deep resolution, peace, and reverential awe."

Kelley D.

Oregon, U.S.

"Juuso helped me prepare for a difficult conversation with a family member with his patient facilitation, enabling me to stay calm and rational in the midst of her anger by looking at my own anger. I'd highly recommend working with him."

New Jersey, U.S. 

“What is most profound about working with Juuso is the simplicity of the method. You just look at what's here now without any agenda, without any expectations, without anything to be achieved. Just look now, gently, to see what's here.

In my experience working with Juuso, I have found him to be a sincere and kind practitioner. He is friendly and gentle in his approach. He will not rush you. He is very patient while you work through an inquiry. He will be with you as you inquire, supporting you, holding the space for you.

After just one session with Juuso, I was able to see clearly enough exactly what I wanted with regard to smoking tobacco, to which I had been addicted to for four years, that just six days after the session I was able to walk away from the addiction.

Juuso wants to bring this new method of healing past hurts and trauma to his own people. He is very sincere in what he is trying to do and I wish him all the best in his work. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a facilitator."

Martin Coburn

Drogheda, Ireland

"I want to let you know how it is going, after a session we did about a month ago. I waited a while to write you, because this last weekend was a big test for me, because then I usually let myself smoke weed, that I was used to giving myself as a reward for achieving my goals.

Just when I was normally used to smoke it I noticed there was no need in smoking weed at all. I felt liberated off an old habit.

Now I know for sure. A fundamental change has taken place. I am free from a very old reward system, which goes much further than only smoking weed in the weekends.

I don't know exactly what happend, I know; I no longer feel the need to celebrate in a way that is unhealthy for me. Now I am free to celebrate life in healthy ways!"


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

"I felt very safe and understood while working with Juuso and I'm sure that everyone could benefit from what he has to offer.
Some challenges I had before working with Juuso were that I was not able to access some emotions I had due to difficult childhood experiences, but with his support it became much easier to bring up these memories and process them. After our session I feel more connected to myself as well as more equipped to support myself emotionally.

Juuso seemed very pleasant to me, he gave me the impression of a person with a lot of self knowledge and that he really enjoys his work. This made it much easier for me to relax and open myself up to him.

I'm definitely thinking of reaching out to Juuso again in the future for further assistance on my healing & self exploration journey. And I would recommend him without hesitation to any of my friends or family who want psychological support."


Athens, Greece

"Every time I've worked with Juuso he's brought deep and impressive skills to every session. In addition to being an exceptional listener and having a heart of gold, intuitively Juuso knew how to help me drop long-held beliefs that kept me suffering for many years."

Sandi Gold

Rhode Island, U.S.

"I’ve lived with social anxiety, especially around speaking in public and in groups for over 10 years. As a trainer that has to train people in groups this has caused a lot of embarrassment and frustration as I’ve always been aware I have nothing to be anxious about. I’ve tried many different therapy’s and modalities over the years but nothing ever worked.


After one session with Juuso he managed to effortlessly guide me into seeing what was really causing the anxiety which turned out to be a deep held belief that I’ll never be good enough no matter how hard I try. I was able to clearly see that this belief came from a series of traumatic events that happened during my childhood that had been buried in the depths of my unconscious mind.

He effortlessly guided me to see all the thoughts, memory’s and feelings that we’re keeping this belief stuck and then helped me to clearly see and feel all of these without trying to get rid of them and in this process they seemingly just started to dissolve and disappear.

I’ve since had the opportunity to test if the anxiety is still there and to my surprise the normal reaction of trembling voice, shakey hands, burning up and heart pounding just isn’t there anymore. It actually felt pretty strange to just feel calm and content but something I am definitely welcoming and extremely grateful for. If you have been suffering from anxiety I highly recommend Juuso as a facilitator. He has a warm and calming presence and a uncanny ability to get to the bottom of what’s really causing your suffering whilst maintaining a comfortable space to explore the depths of the unconscious mind and process what ever trauma wasn’t processed at that time freeing you from past.

Rob Ross

Brighton, England

"I have had the pleasure of working with Juuso for the last several years. He has helped me achieve goals and make great strides in my spiritual and mental growth. His support, questioning and acute listening skills set him apart from other facilitators I have worked with; I can tell he truly wants me to get down to the heart of what is fueling negative and stressful thoughts that plague me. In this way he has helped unearth, examine and be rid of some of my oldest and most significant stories about myself, my family and others. I have found a great deal of peace and openness after working with Jusso and feel grateful we still have opportunities to continue the amazing work we have started. Self- discovery is a life-long journey and I am grateful for guides that find their way onto my path. Jusso is one of those guides for me and I am so lucky the universe sent him my way!"


California, U.S.

"Juuso is an experienced, highly skilled facilitator whose warm, compassionate energy and presence really helped me to get huge clarity on some of the patterns that have been playing out in my life after just one session. His work feels gentle and loving and by being extremely thorough, he helped me see through limiting beliefs and make invaluable connections between present struggles and my inner world and past experiences. It has been incredibly healing and empowering to gain these insights and it has enabled me to go back out into the world with a newfound understanding and a whole new set of tools to deal with challenges. Additionally, he has helped me to deepen my connection with myself, to access a great resource of peace and strength within and to better know me. For that I am deeply grateful."


Granada, Spain

"After almost two years of wandering around, trying to ease my recurring suffering that this time seemed to have decided to stay, I stumbled upon Jusso's website and decided to give it a try.

I had very nice conversations with Juuso, but I still did not believe that I could be helped. But by carefully listening and guiding me through my thoughts we managed to locate the underlying director of my thoughts and behavior, the shame.

It's funny how I was actually aware of that for a long time prior, but with this approach I finally managed to realise how big it's impact was. And slowly, things are changing for me and people around me. I now understand many of my thoughts and behaviors and I am also more capable of seeing and listening to others and understanding them and accepting them.

I am very grateful for finding Juuso and I'm pretty sure that I will talk to him more in the future as things develop. Thank you Juuso!"


Stockholm, Sweden

Testimonials in Finnish

"Ohjattu ja kiireetön oleminen omien varsin epämiellyttävien tuntemusten kanssa tuotti yllättäen massiivisen oivalluksen - ja suorastaan helpotuksen siitä ettei ongelmalliselle asialle tarvinnutkaan puristaa ratkaisua (satalasissa) väkisin. Asia yksinkertaisesti vain ratkesi, lyhyehkön pysähtymisen ja hiljaa olon jälkeen. Vastaus tuli kuin ulkopuolisen antamana."

Liisa, Helsinki

"Tämä mindfulness menetelmä avaa uusia ovia itsensä tutkimiseen ja arkojen aiheiden läpi käymiseen. Juuson tapa ohjata on rauhallinen ja turvallisen tuntuinen. Yllätyin, miten paljon assosiaatioita yksi aihealue voi herättää ja opin kohtaamaan vanhojakin asioita eri perspektiivistä. Ohjaajan läsnäolo auttaa jäsentämään kokemuksia ja ymmärtämään itseään paremmin. Menetelmä on mielestäni mielenkiintoinen ja suosittelen Juusoa ohjaajana lämpimästi."

Emma, Vantaa

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