The Three Ways of Using my Services

What Would You Like to Achieve?

After experiencing The Kiloby Inquiries and the relief you get, most people want to learn to do it themselves.

This way you no longer need to rely on the help of a facilitator and can use the tools as soon as something comes up in your day-to-day life.

Learning to do self-support is also an important step in integrating restful present moment awareness into your everyday life.

Private sessions

If you simply want some relief during difficult life situations, private sessions are all you need.

I will walk you through the process without you having to know anything about the tools.

Learn to do KI yourself

For resources on how to do KI yourself, please follow my blog and my Facebook page.

Integration support 

Interested in learning how to easily incorporate more present moment awareness into your everyday life?

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Effortless Self-Compassion™